Crash and Burn: Tips to Survive the Last Week of Classes

Christmas creeps up on us once more. Due to the timing of a Sunday Christmas, students all over the world are being held hostage in classes this week. I know, It’s unfair. As I write this in the back of my math class, wishing I was anywhere else, I couldn’t agree more.  Getting through the last week of classes prior to a major break is never easy; students are exhausted to a point of delirium, nobody, even the teachers, really wants to be there, and everyone simply stops giving a shit. Plus, if you have a school that absolutely LOVES overloading its students, you’re probably being tested in every subject for “just one last time” this year.

Please send help. I have 4 tests and two assignments over the next three days. I’m dying.

ANYWAY. After a solid 6 years of surviving these weeks, I thought I should probably share my *copious wisdom*.

  1. You can crash and burn once the break begins. Goodbye, sleep! You can go to bed for 3 weeks AFTER classes end.
  2. Teachers will likely be less forgiving. That’s right, with the tight deadline, try not to change test dates and get your homework done. Because just like you, your teachers are exhausted and don’t want to be here.
  3. Cookies are appreciated by all. Seriously, nothing creates a good mood like refined sugar.
  4. Compliments go a long way. you can make someone’s day that much better by saying that thy look nice
  5. Take it hour by hour. It’s just about getting to the next hour.
  6. Wear clothing that makes you feel confident, because god knows, you’re gonna need it.
  7. It’s okay to crash and burn after 3 pm on the day you get out
  8. Enjoy the junk food. it may be the only sweet thing in your life right now.
  9. Give up on the idea of a social life; it’s only a few days, just crack down and get your shit done.
  10. Celebrate! Once the week’s over, you’re free!

Good luck to everyone being held prisoner this week, and I hope you survive.


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