5 Alternative Uses for Your University Mail

It’s that time of year; the only time of year that grade 12 students actually check the mail. Checking the mail has become an anxiety-excitement filled habit, with every letter being an opportunity or a dead end. Ahhhhh, snail mail.


This also results in having a lot of letters. And because of the societal value of these letters, you can’t really just throw them out. So, here are some alternative uses for university mail.

  1. Scan them and wallpaper your house in the pattern, so you never forget your successes and failures.
  2. Use them as kindling for a fire, because at least that will bring you some warmth. Bonfire!                       giphy.gif
  3. Staple them to your clothing, because your Facebook announcement wasn’t enough. Better yet, simply wear them.d0a320f936bcc3adfc535c20a7154fe2.jpg
  4. Staple it over your face, because it’s become the greatest part of your identity.
  5. Utilise them in a paper mâché project, because ripping them to shreds will allow you to express your frustration and anger without seeming crazy.giphy-1.gif
  6. Cry on them. Just let it all out.
  7. make a bouquet of paper roses out of rejection letters, and give them to your significant other to end the relationship.How-to-Make-Paper-Roses_Maryland-Wedding-Photographer_015 2.jpg
  8. Use them as toilet paper, because nobody really gives a shit.
  9. Angsty decoupage art.                    a0bEG.gif
  10. Frame them and create a gallery of disappointment. You can also include participation trophies, incomplete projects and tear stained scholarship applications.

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