Let’s Take a Break

March break is a gift from the gods. Really. For Canadians, the winter school term can be described as “dreary”, “cold”, “dark”, and “a petri dish for mental illness”. Which means, March break is the final hallelujah, a signal that everything is up from here. Typically it contains daylight savings time, so it’s the beginning of being at home while the sun’s still up. It’s a time of rest, relaxation, and reconnection. It’s an opportunity for productive boredom, a concept I advocate for greatly.

This was my last high school March break. It was kinda shitty at times, not going to lie, but the good parts made it worth it. I got to spend some time by myself, and rediscover what I love about reading, writing, and learning. I played with flour and sugar for almost a week straight, watched too much Netflix, and started writing for the blog Creators.co. There were girls’ nights, and cards nights, and nights where I didn’t sleep. I reconnected with a friend, got dumped, and saw an aunt I love dearly. I saw what my future looks like.

It embodied what March break is supposed to be.

We celebrated the future and closed the past. My “What-If” ended, and I realised that sometimes you have to do something to know nothing will come from it.  I apologised to someone I hurt and was lucky enough for them to accept the apology. I made a new friend. It was a March break of coming full circle, of new experiences, and of hopeful beginnings.


Vague? Absolutely. Seemingly pointless? Without a doubt. But worth it? Yeah. Yeah, I’d say so.

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