Books for Breaks: Reads For the Upcoming Long Weekend

Reading has always been a big part of my life. Growing up the nerd in a school without other nerds, the library and my books were always a safe place; somewhere better that I could escape to. As I’ve grown up, other things have taken precedence – schoolwork, friends, sleep. I don’t read as much as I’d like to anymore.Because of this, I can no longer read everything I’d like. Long weekends are my opportunities to read, and I try to take full advantage-I have a 5 book long list I’m hoping to make it through during the upcoming one.

These are my recommendations-they’re some of my favourites, and if you try one out, I hope you find yourself enjoying them as much as I did.

For those who want to have a good cry: The Storied Life of AJ Fikry


Curmudgeon+bookstore+young child= a recipe for more tears than you’d think.

The complex story surrounding AJ Fikry, the owner of a bookstore in a small town, tells the story of family and friends and loss. Get the tissues and a tub of ice cream.

For those who miss Harry Potter: Fangirl


This book holds a special place in my heart. Meet main character Cath: Writer, Simon Snow fan, and a freshman in college. A take on the fan universe that surrounds Harry Potter, Fangirl is relatable to any awkward weirdos that would rather live in a fictional world than a real one.

For those who want some kick-ass fight scenes and adventure entwined in a fantastical world: Anything by Sarah J Maas


So many badasses. And like, top-notch for well-rounded female characters. Plus, the covers: gorgeous.

In all seriousness, if you’re looking for a world to become ensnared within, this is your best bet-So few authors write this well, with this level of detail, and can keep you interested for this many books. Four for you Maas. You go Maas.



For those about to graduate: The Rest of Us Just Live Here


I’m about to graduate high school(I’m sure you guys had no clue about that one, huh? definitely never mention that….) And my god, if this book isn’t relatable, I don’t know what is. Taking place in the month leading up to graduation, The Rest of Us Just Live Here is funny, and accurate, and talks a lot about mental health in a positive, progressive way. The story of the “other” characters in a book, this book gives you an intense feeling of sonder.

For those who just want to smile: Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?


Ahhhh, Mindy Kaling. From childhood stories to life long lessons, you never fail to make me laugh. With a strong voice and jokes that remind you that she writes for The Mindy Project, this book is perfect if you need something light, happy, and humorous.

Let me know if you read/have read any of these books, and anything you’d recommend!

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