Update: Craziness and the Future (?)

Hey guys,

So looks like it’s going to be another update post! ~yay!~


So, I just finished exams (aka three weeks of guilt from not studying, then obsessive studying, and almost falling asleep as you try to spew something you learned in September onto your page) and I’m now graduating (whatttt)?!?!?! When did that happen???

I’ve been crazy busy. That’s why I haven’t been posting. Between school and the graduation ceremony stuff I’ve been preparing for AND trying to cram as much time in with my friends before they leave to the distant corners of the world(the suckish reality about boarding school-you don’t get summer with your friends. You get summer MISSING your friends.) I haven’t been focusing on this space. Sorry.

Good news: Summer’s coming! Which means I’ll have more than enough time to blog!

Double good news: For the first two weeks of summer, my family is going to Greece! and I intend on blogging all about it!

Basically: Life’s crazy, I’m sorry I haven’t posted, I’m going to be posting for much time to come 🙂

Please take this picture of a baby bunny I saw the other day as an apology:


Let me know your summer plans in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Update: Craziness and the Future (?)

  1. Alyssa says:

    Big congratulations for graduating! Where is your family going in Greece? My parents are coming to live with us til September. I’m excited to do day trips and cook delicious meals with them.


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