Summer Lemon and Lavender Meringue Tartlets

As the most popular favourite season, summer has a lot of fans-maybe it’s the sunny weather, maybe it’s laid back attitudes, maybe(probably) it’s because school isn’t in session. Who knows?


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The Kitchen Sink


Growing up, my family drove the 9 hours south every year to visit my grandparents in Maryland. We typically spent about a week there, and the trip always had traditions; Liriodendron and Winterthur, late night swimming and golf cart rides. However, one tradition stands proudly above all others: The Charcoal Pit.


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I Have a Coffee Problem

I’m a little bit obsessed with coffee. It’s become a  joke in my life – my friends will ask me how many cups I’ve had(typically 5+), I’m generally downright grumpy if I haven’t had any, and the best part of my day tends to be the half hour I get to sit and drink coffee in the morning with my friends. Given the crazy reality that is the school I go to, lack of sleep is common, and coffee is the easiest (and most legal) way to keep up with the work and be awake in class. After you realise this at 14, there’s no going back. Prep school: where you act like a college student, but without the booze. or the frat parties. or really any of the fun things about being in college.


Send help. I’m tired and stressed and require six cups of coffee to feel anything.

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Book It + NerDIY: Gingerbread Lattes


Every year my school runs Book It, a 12-hour reading marathon. It is a true nerd haven, with nerds and closet nerds convening for 12 straight hours, unapologetically being themselves. Through my high school years, I’m not sure there’s an event that has shaped my experience quite the way Book It has. It’s been a time to hang out with friends, eat without thinking about calories and celebrate the dorkiest part of ourselves. Though my confidence has increased, and I have become less ashamed of what I love, when I began in grade 9 I was awkward and uncomfortable, and just desperately wanted to be accepted.  Book It was invaluable, a place where I could be myself in a school atmosphere. I met kids in other grades that I had no idea liked reading. As an extremely shy, anxious child, I was able to have a conversation with these “deities” and make a connection with people that I never would have been able to talk to otherwise. Over the years, Book It has been the birthplace of some of my favourite memories. Loopy at midnight, we seem to make some interesting decisions- here’s a few:

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Pumpkin-Coffee Cake Muffins

Because I’m a white girl, I am obliged to upload at least 1 pumpkin recipe in the fall. So this is it.


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Stress and Cinnamon Buns


As a manner of handling a bad day or a stressful situation, I turn to baking. There’s something about the methods and measuring that is a form of meditation of me, allowing all my thoughts and frustrations to turn into something sweet. So this is me: stress and cinnamon buns.

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