An Idiot’s Guide to Prepping for University

There’s nothing quite like standing on a precipice, preparing to jump into the unknown void of college, that makes you realize you have no. fucking. clue. what you’re doing.


Welcome back to “An Idiot’s Guide”, a segment where, I, an idiot, try to explain the realities of a situation. I hope this is helpful, entertaining, or both.

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Books for Breaks: Reads For the Upcoming Long Weekend

Reading has always been a big part of my life. Growing up the nerd in a school without other nerds, the library and my books were always a safe place; somewhere better that I could escape to. As I’ve grown up, other things have taken precedence – schoolwork, friends, sleep. I don’t read as much as I’d like to anymore.Because of this, I can no longer read everything I’d like. Long weekends are my opportunities to read, and I try to take full advantage-I have a 5 book long list I’m hoping to make it through during the upcoming one.

These are my recommendations-they’re some of my favourites, and if you try one out, I hope you find yourself enjoying them as much as I did.

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5 Stages to a 5: The Reality of AP Exams

So it’s AP season! Yay!

Ugh. As a Canadian, AP exams are a huge waste of time. I’m not declaring my credits, and I really just took the courses because the normal stream of courses looked boring. Why not take on more work than you need to??

Anyway, if you’re an AP student, you’ve probably seen these books:


I’ve read the AP Bio and AP Literature ones but decided that I should write my own version. It’s more applicable to the general AP stream, so hopefully, all will benefit.

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Aphrodite is a Psychobitch: The story of Psych and Eros

Due to three years of Latin, a year of Classical Civilizations and a childhood obsession with Percy Jackson, I’ve come to know quite a bit about ancient Greek and Roman culture. Myths, language, customs-I learned a little bit about everything. However, this also means I will never be able to appreciate the modern interpretation of Cupid – that being a baby in the diaper.


the story of this little shit

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Book It + NerDIY: Gingerbread Lattes


Every year my school runs Book It, a 12-hour reading marathon. It is a true nerd haven, with nerds and closet nerds convening for 12 straight hours, unapologetically being themselves. Through my high school years, I’m not sure there’s an event that has shaped my experience quite the way Book It has. It’s been a time to hang out with friends, eat without thinking about calories and celebrate the dorkiest part of ourselves. Though my confidence has increased, and I have become less ashamed of what I love, when I began in grade 9 I was awkward and uncomfortable, and just desperately wanted to be accepted.  Book It was invaluable, a place where I could be myself in a school atmosphere. I met kids in other grades that I had no idea liked reading. As an extremely shy, anxious child, I was able to have a conversation with these “deities” and make a connection with people that I never would have been able to talk to otherwise. Over the years, Book It has been the birthplace of some of my favourite memories. Loopy at midnight, we seem to make some interesting decisions- here’s a few:

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Let’s Talk: Character Death


This post will contain spoilers for Rogue One, Allegiant, and The Hunger Games

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Book Review: Oryx and Crake

IMG_4749.JPGAs a book nerd, I chose to take AP English. I am both happy and regretting this greatly – the discussions about the books we read are amazing, and my teacher is fantastic, but….. I have the lowest English mark I’ve had for as long as I can remember. And given the fact that I’m applying to English and humanities for uni, this isn’t optimal.


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