Let’s Talk: You Have +1 Follower!

I live in a small town. It’s not quite farm-town small, or small town mentality small, but it’s small enough that there’s a general feeling of safety and warmth from the town. We have a lot of older members and young families, retirees and the such, and it’s generally quite peaceful. Yes, like any town, there’s going to be the jokes (Port Dope or Port No-Hope are both popular nicknames for the town) but, generally, it’s a peaceful place, and it’s a pretty good place to live-I can walk outside after dark without worrying too much, to give a general understanding. I’ve lived my life knowing that I’m lucky to be able to do so, and being thankful, as I know and understand that the vast majority of they world does not have that level of trust and safety in their town. Like the majority of girls, I’ve dealt with the cat calling and the comments on the street. Once, I was even Gollum-ed at in a game cafe. Honestly, it’s the kind of thing you just shrug off and ignore, which probably isn’t the feminist thing to do but it’s how I’m comfortable handling it, as confrontation is not my strong suit. follower_icon_insta-728x200.jpg

Wow, this post is a bit of a mess, and I’m sorry for that. But that’s why I created the “Let’s Talk” post series; I wanted a place where I could just put my thoughts down.

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I Have a Coffee Problem

I’m a little bit obsessed with coffee. It’s become a  joke in my life – my friends will ask me how many cups I’ve had(typically 5+), I’m generally downright grumpy if I haven’t had any, and the best part of my day tends to be the half hour I get to sit and drink coffee in the morning with my friends. Given the crazy reality that is the school I go to, lack of sleep is common, and coffee is the easiest (and most legal) way to keep up with the work and be awake in class. After you realise this at 14, there’s no going back. Prep school: where you act like a college student, but without the booze. or the frat parties. or really any of the fun things about being in college.


Send help. I’m tired and stressed and require six cups of coffee to feel anything.

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The Peril of the University Application Process: A Visual (and Emotional) Breakdown

I’m in grade 12. I’m also in a prep school. Because of these two facts, my life has revolved around a single thing for the past year: university applications.


That’s right. The dreaded process of realizing you’re really not as good at things as you thought you were, and that you have no future. Such fun! University applications are a three-course meal of stress, frustration, and fear, served with the cool cocktail of self-doubt and self-loathing, with a side of existential crisis. So I decided to create a basic rundown/timeline of where I am, where I’ve been, and the last four months to seven years of university preparation. I’ve included some visuals, too!


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The Things I’ve Learned

I’ve been at my school for the last 7 years – which is a long time, through some very awkward years. Which, yes, means that the majority of my embarrassing phases and bad decisions have occurred here, and, luckily for me, have been captured on the school’s social media accounts. Thankfully, over the last seven years, I’ve learned a few things. In an effort to help out those who may be just starting, I compiled 17 things I’ve learned in the last 7 years.

  1. Your advisor will save your life. Repeatedly. Possibly on a daily basis. They’re basically superheroes, but with the powers of organization and support.
  1. Appreciate the teachers that support you- they make your life feel full of purpose and are willing to help you succeed. We are lucky, because we have an above average number of this type of teacher, and it is the effort and care they add to the community that makes it a place that, as Mr. Grainger likes to say, “cares more and works harder”. These teachers truly teach by example.
  1. If you ask to be let out from class early to go to lunch, you won’t be let out from class early to go to lunch.


When your teacher lets you out of class early because they, too, want to go to lunch early
  1. Trying a little bit of everything will help you discover what you love, but don’t be afraid to not love everything you try. Overloading yourself with extra-curriculars you don’t enjoy isn’t fun for anybody- you’ll end up exhausted and unhappy.
  1. The lack of sleep competition that exists around here is a construct, and it’s not worth competing in. No amount of coffee can replace decent sleep – trust me, I’ve tried.


  1. Don’t take advantage of kind adults, whether it be a teacher, housemaster, an RA, or property-Eventually they’ll get fed up, and their lenience will dwindle.
  1. Don’t be afraid to disconnect from technology. Some of the best experiences occur because you have no choice but to live in the moment.
  1. It does not matter how old you are, butter chicken day is terrifying, and there is always a chance you will be trampled in the Osler line.


an accurate representation of Osler
  1. The only thing scarier than butter chicken day is lava cake day.
  1. Patience is a virtue, but patience doesn’t necessarily mean stagnancy; good results require work.
  1. Not everything worth doing is fun. Some of the most incredible, life changing experiences are challenging and frustrating, but they’re still worth it – even if it’s just so you can tell wild stories, like the time a monkey broke into your room and stole your stuff
  1. Teachers teach more than just content. Sometimes, the best lessons aren’t the ones they teach in class, but the ones you learn by seeing someone who honestly loves their job, or simply has found happiness.
  1. Dear grade eights: If you don’t totally understand what’s going on in Mr. Murray’s math class, don’t worry too much – the most difficult material will be taught again in future math classes. Like grade 12 calculus.


  1. Don’t be afraid to approach life with outstretched arms. You may catch a lot of bad stuff, but you’ll catch a lot of good stuff too. Plus, the bad stuff will be really good for creative writing projects and university applications.
  1. Teachers are human -It’s mind-blowing, I know.
  1. Look at the world like the Bickle boys: Even if you aren’t winning, you’re here, and that, in itself is worth celebrating
  1. Find something that is a source happiness, an everyday joy, and hold on to it.

Aphrodite is a Psychobitch: The story of Psych and Eros

Due to three years of Latin, a year of Classical Civilizations and a childhood obsession with Percy Jackson, I’ve come to know quite a bit about ancient Greek and Roman culture. Myths, language, customs-I learned a little bit about everything. However, this also means I will never be able to appreciate the modern interpretation of Cupid – that being a baby in the diaper.


the story of this little shit

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An Idiot’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Sooooooooo. Valentine’s day. That’s a thing. That’s coming up. Because nothing says ‘love’ more that a fat flying baby in a diaper/ monstrous love god. and chocolate.


Cupid and Psyche

By the way, in case you didn’t know, Cupid was in greek mythology. Like the majority of those in greek mythology, he was kinda a dick, but I’ll elaborate on that in a later post; it’s actually one of my favourite myths.

Valentine’s day always seems to be surrounded by mixed feelings- some love it, others despise it. Some only like it if they have a significant other, while others love to use it to celebrate love of all types-friend, family, romantic. I’ve always fit under the last category. But, for the first time, not all my friends are single on valentine’s day. andddddd neither am I. But that doesn’t change how I feel about the holiday; I intend on celebrating it with everyone I care about.

This is my guide to Valentine’s day. When I say it’s the idiot’s guide, I mean it in the sense that it’s written by an idiot. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I want to help because it’s a confusing fucking holiday. You probably shouldn’t listen to me, honestly, but maybe, by some insane twist of fate, you need even more help than I do. So this is for you. Good luck.

  1. Try not to overcomplicate it. Seriously, just keep things simple. focus on the people you actually give a shit about, and the people you want to spend time with. If you’re celebrating with people you feel obligated to celebrate with, that defeats the point of the entire holiday.
  2. Decide how/if you’re doing gifts, and stick to it. Gifts only going to friends? great! Gifts to your S.O.? Fantastic! Gifts to your family? Nice! But don’t give some friends gifts, or some family gifts, and leave others out. Trust me, I learned this one the hard way – nobody likes a pissed off friend that’s mad at you for not giving a gift.
  3. Be open with people. Because it sucks to get a gift and have nothing to give. There’s another personal experience one. (Seriously, it sucks. I felt so bad. But I’m poor and can’t afford to give stuff to all my friends, much less the people that make me want to brain myself with a brick)
  4. Try not to be bitter or miserable. I’ve been that person, it just makes the holiday no fun for yourself. So celebrate your friends and your family. Eat all the half priced chocolate on the 15th. Buy a pizza meant for two and eat it with your friends(or by yourself, no judging)
  5. It’s okay to be a dork. Some people love heartfeltness, others love meme valentines. Either way, just go with what you like and say how you feel. Because it can be fun to be a dork.

As I said, this is the guide written by an idiot. I have no clue what I’m doing. Don’t listen to me, if you know what’s good for you. Please send help before I screw this up too much.

Book It + NerDIY: Gingerbread Lattes


Every year my school runs Book It, a 12-hour reading marathon. It is a true nerd haven, with nerds and closet nerds convening for 12 straight hours, unapologetically being themselves. Through my high school years, I’m not sure there’s an event that has shaped my experience quite the way Book It has. It’s been a time to hang out with friends, eat without thinking about calories and celebrate the dorkiest part of ourselves. Though my confidence has increased, and I have become less ashamed of what I love, when I began in grade 9 I was awkward and uncomfortable, and just desperately wanted to be accepted.  Book It was invaluable, a place where I could be myself in a school atmosphere. I met kids in other grades that I had no idea liked reading. As an extremely shy, anxious child, I was able to have a conversation with these “deities” and make a connection with people that I never would have been able to talk to otherwise. Over the years, Book It has been the birthplace of some of my favourite memories. Loopy at midnight, we seem to make some interesting decisions- here’s a few:

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