#AmWriting: Short Story

When I was little, my grandfather told me that my grandmother was a spy. It’s an odd story, with bits of truth, so I decided to write it out. Hope you find it entertaining!

Short story-Mimi’s adventures

#AmWriting: Rosa’s Artventure

Another kid’s story, sorry! I was obsessed with Davinci when I was little, so here’s my ode to the story I would have wanted. It was written as a part of a group project, with brainstorming help from a classmate, but in the end, it really is my story.

Rosas Artventure

#AmWriting: Lang Pioneer Village

I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to research and write about a few artifacts I found at Lang Pioneer Village. My posts should be published on their blog soon, but here they are a little bit early:

Gingerbread in the 1800’s

Medical tools in the 1800’s

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#AmWriting: Ella and the Class Coup

Hey guys!

So I’ve decided to start uploading some of my writing that is less blog-y and more creative based.

This is my children’s story, Ella and the Class Coup, written for my writer’s craft class. It’s a children’s story written for adults, so if you’re interested, I’ve attached the file. I’ve added some of my own thoughts for illustration and layout.

Ella and the Class Coup